Author: Motorcycle Gear Hub  Date Posted:16 November 2020 

Your Ultimate Review Guide To The Held Titan Evo Motorcycle Gloves


When you’re ill, you go to the doctor; when you are hungry and have no food in your fridge, you go to the grocery store to buy food, and, when you want hand-armor protection, you go to Held. As hyperbolic as such a statement may sound, Germany-based Held is the go-to brand for motorcycle gloves; sure, there are some other great brands putting out excellent motorcycle gloves, but Held has been the industry’s reference as far as manufacturing perfection and attention to detail in motorcycle gloves is concerned.


A photograph showing the immense rider protection offered by the Held Titan Evo gloves due to the kangaroo leather used on the whole chassis as well as the titanium armor on much of its surface


You only need to ask anyone who has owned a set of Held gloves to know what I’m talking about. You will hear stuff from Held-glove owners such as the gloves lasting over a decade or how the gloves have sustained several high-speed crashes without a glitch in sight. Truly, the Held brand is synonymous for motorcycle-glove perfection, and what’s even more impressive is how Held continues to pioneer and lead the motorcycle-gear industry year after year.


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