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Held Australia

Family-owned and operated, Held has 75 years of research and development in motorcycle clothing behind it, and has won many awards in Europe. This German company is an undisputed market leader in both design and safety.

Renowned for making the best gloves in the world, the rest of the Held range of motorcycle apparel is second-to-none in terms of quality and practicality. No-compromise comfort, protection, and style is the hallmark of all Held products.

MISSION STATEMENT: “We are dedicated to producing quality products at the highest level. With our products, we want to improve the conditions for motorcycle riders in everyday life, and to support you to have fun, as well as to afford you the maximum in protection during your ride. We are widely involved in motorcycle racing because we are able to introduce important knowledge the riders give us to our product line, as they test our products to, and even beyond, their limits. In the end, it is you, the rider, who benefits from all of this.”

Held Australia Pty Limited was awarded the sole distribution rights of Held motorcycle gear to Australia in 2010. Our aim is to bring the best motorcycle apparel in the world to the Australian market place.