Held Material Care

Date Posted:7 September 2023 


Cleaning Tips

Ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your gear begins with understanding the essential steps for its upkeep.

Detergent & Washing Load Choice
In the realm of cleaning your Held textiles, your trusted companion is none other than the washing machine. Elevate your gear maintenance game by selecting mild textile detergents – the perfect companions for this cleansing adventure. A word of caution, however: bypass fabric softeners, as they might not be in sync with your gear's needs.
When it's time to load up the washing machine, a thoughtful approach is paramount. Avoid the urge to pack it to its limits. Instead, opt to fill it only halfway. This mindful act guarantees your textiles receive the gentle care they warrant.
Body Armours
Before embarking on the washing process, remember to detach any body armour. This step ensures a seamless journey for both your gear and the washing process itself.
Inflatable Vests
The realm of washing machines is not their preferred abode. For these exceptional items, opt to gentle wipe-down using a damp cloth for our collection of inflatable protector vests, encompassing the Air Vest, Clip-in Air Vest, Air Vest II, eVest Clip-in, and eVest.


Before you gear up, give your garment some breathing space. Airing it out is the first step - let it bask in the open air. To banish dirt, opt for a gentle brush and clear water. But here's the trick: the fabric should be clean yet slightly damp. That's the sweet spot for the magic of impregnation to work its wonders. The impregnation process should be done outdoors or on a well-ventilated space and it will be enhanced by one of the warm treatments below:

Dryer: Peek at the care label for the maximum allowable temperature. Your dryer can lend a helping hand here.

Hairdryer: With a hairdryer in hand, dedicate 10-15 minutes to the cause. Maintain a distance of 20-30 cm for optimal results.

Electric Iron: Set your electric iron to Level 2. Place a cotton towel between the iron and your garment.

For a seamless experience, consider re-impregnation after each wash to ensure that your waterproof textile garments stay at the top of their game.
Check our care products.

Professional Care & Wax-Cotton Products

When it comes to waxed cotton, follow the instructions for your products closely. Reach for a functional fabric detergent then use the impregnation spray and say goodbye to worries about rain-soaked escapades.

To elevate your garment's water-repellent charm and embrace that one-of-a-kind wax allure, a little rub here and there with a special textile wax, post-wash, is all it takes. Depending on your preference for wax, go all in with a thick layer or keep it subtle with a thin touch.


Practical Tips for Ensuring the Longevity of Your Leather Goods.

Whether your collection includes pure leather garments or those crafted from the amalgamation of leather and textiles, here are some tips.

With each usage of your leather items, allow them a period of aeration and reprieve. Post-wearing, indulge in the practice of hanging them to breathe freely, followed by a gentle cleansing routine utilizing a soft-bristle brush and clear water, thus ridding the surfaces of any impurities. It is not appropriate to keep these items within hermetically sealed plastic enclosures as proper ventilation is imperative.

Instead of using a washing machine or a spin-dryer, as these may induce harm, it is recommended the more traditional approach of hand washing, accomplished with the aid of tepid water (approximately 40°C) and a specialized leather detergent. Permit your items to undergo the natural drying process at room temperature. Direct exposure to sunlight, artificial heat sources, and devices like hairdryers should be avoided.

Colour fading and a variance in tactile softness may manifest during the course of cleansing leather articles. These transformations are intrinsic to the process and indicative of the material's inherent responsiveness.

Gloves Care

Leather Gloves

Leather gloves, while resilient, face the challenge of sweat exposure, especially at the thumb's base and fingertips. This sweat-induced rigidity can eventually lead to wear and tear. While Held gloves boast impressive sweat resistance, a touch of care can work wonders in enhancing their durability.

Begin with a gentle cleansing in lukewarm water. Whether you opt for mild soap or a specialized leather cleanser, ensure that your gloves bask in the comfort of this concoction.

Rinse your gloves under a stream of clean water, ridding them of any lingering chemical residues.

Envelop your gloves in a dry cloth, and with a gentle embrace, squeeze out excess moisture. No harsh mangling, no fabric softener. Let it air dry.

For a snug fit, don your gloves when slightly damp and clench your fists. This moulds them back to their original shape, securing a tailored fit.

Once dry, slip your hands into them and knead gently. Softness and comfort shall be your reward.

A final touch: use a leather care product. Watch as they absorb this treat, revitalizing their allure.

Textile Gloves

Begin with a gentle hand wash, employing mild soap.

Follow up with a refreshing rinse under clean water, ridding them of any lurking chemical traces. No fabric softener.

Avoid the urge to squeeze or mangle and let them air dry. Do not dry clean.

Should the inner lining of a climate membrane glove yearn for refreshment, water-and-mild-detergent can suffice, avoiding the necessity of cleaning the outer shell.


A well-impregnated upper not only wards off moisture but also safeguards warmth. While the initial impregnation is a gift from the manufacturing process, its potency diminishes over time. A commercial impregnation spray restores it.


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