Author: Boris Mihailovic  Date Posted:20 June 2021 



Once, we were all just motorcyclists.

Scorned by society, tormented by cops, and at one with the universe. Our souls were pure and our hearts beat in time with the pulse of the cosmos.

Then we evolved. Like monkeys. Once there was only one type of monkey. Now, there are many. Like there are now many types of motorcyclists. And just like monkeys, motorcyclists of a certain type tend to flock together and harbour a mild disdain for motorcyclists of other types.

Unlike monkeys, certain types of motorcyclists have yet to throw their own excrement at other types of motorcyclists, but I live in hope.

Anyway, one such type of motorcyclist is the Adventure Tourer – and even he is divided into two sub-sets.

The first is the bold, heroic, curious, and intrepid type. There is dust in every crevice of his body and bike. He’s done big, dirty miles, climbed mountains, forded rivers, and seen eagles soar upon high.

The second imagines himself to be the first type, and has the motorcycle and gear to prove it…um, except his bike has not seen more than a few kays of graded fire-trail (if that), and he has the dirt-riding skills of a washing machine.

And that’s fine. More power to him. Maybe one day he will take the road less travelled, and when he does, he’d best be wearing Adventure Touring gear.



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